You may be quite familiar with vinyl flooring as it is a popular flooring type. It is a low maintenance flooring type that has high resistance to water. There are so many finishes that you can obtain with vinyl flooring. You can visit your nearest flooring supplier or browse online to get an idea of the range of colours available.

Vinyl floorboards Geelong are very easy to install making them a favourite for DIY projects. They traditionally came in large sheets that were hard to manoeuvre but with the popularity of DIY projects and the increased demand, they now come in tiles and planks that are very easy to handle.  You don’t need to hammer the flooring into place and it takes a lot of effort out of the installation. Before you lay the planks, you need to make sure that the subfloor is levelled and smooth. You can also trim the planks to ensure a better fit within the space. There is an adhesive that will bond the vinyl to the subfloor. While this can contribute to the stability of the vinyl floor, it can be a hassle when you are removing it. You will need to more effort into removing the floor.

You can also ask the supplier of the vinyl flooring whether they provide installation or removal services. It is best to get an estimate from a few companies. You can visit the showroom and see how the vinyl looks exactly. It can be a little difficult to gauge the colour and how it will look under the sunlight when you view it on a computer screen. Vinyl floors are very affordable and it is a cost-effective way to give your home a new look. You can easily use it in a renovation after ensuring that the subfloor the vinyl bonds to is levelled accurately. There are different thicknesses that vinyl planks come in. Generally, if you go for a thicker plank, the plank will wear better as a thinner plank will take more damage. If you are working on a budget, you can use thicker planks for high traffic areas and thinner planks for areas like bedrooms with low foot traffic.

There are multiple layers in vinyl planks that attribute to their rigidity and strength. They are also water resistant so you can use them in kitchens without worry. The quality of the product will determine the level of its water resistance. These floors provide a unique appearance to your home because there is so much variety in the textures and colours. You can go for vinyl that resembles hard wood or even planks that have a distressed look. It is not just wood finishes that you can find in vinyl. There are also marble and stone effects. If you carry out the right maintenance, you can ensure a longer life for the vinyl flooring. You can use a rug in heavy traffic areas to provide a barrier for the floor. And you should keep protective rubber or felt tips on furniture legs so they don’t scrape the floor when moved.