Land surveyors carry out a necessary scope of work when it comes to laying the boundaries of your land on a plan, land subdivisions, identifying sewer lines and cable lines that run underground in your land, identifying right of way for the property, revealing neglected roads etc. These fall into the work that needs to be done before you buy land. There are certain regulations you need to check in the local authority as well. A land surveyor will ensure that any confusion regarding the approvals or relating to the land restrictions is cleared.

There are some tasks that we can’t do on our own such as identifying the boundaries of the land. This is where Land Surveyors in Melbourne will come in useful. Especially corner lands areas can be hard to identify when it comes to undeveloped lands. You don’t want to accidentally take more land from your neighbour’s side. This can lead to so many disputes so you need to have a professional advise you on this. The land surveyor will determine the line of your boundary. This is a process that can take about a week depending on the scale of the project. You will be able to obtain a boundary certificate from the surveyor. Once you obtain this, you can erect a line of posts along the boundary to mark it.

There could be land that you have purchased many years ago. If you are planning to sell it, there are certain improvements that you will need to carry out to raise its value to the values of the neighbouring properties. A land surveyor will be able to take a look at the land and suggest improvements that will need to be done. If your land has underground water bodies, this is something that the land surveyor can find out. Sometimes the water bodies will be under the municipality council. There is a network of underground sewer lines, cable lines, energy lines that will lie beneath your land. You need to know the exact location of these before you start going into construction. Otherwise, there could be damage done to these lines because of construction work.

Land subdivisions can be done under the guidance of a land surveyor as well. This will help you manage your property better. There are certain regulations set by the municipality regarding the sizes that you can subdivide the land to. There are also additional rules you need to abide by. These will be noted and observed by the surveyor. In addition to this, the surveyor will identify any registration issues that are there, street width that you can have and the survey disclosures. They will inform you about the process you need to follow when dedicating your land certificate as well. Land law can be complicated so you need to check all the bylaws that your land falls under with a land surveyor. This will allow you to find out about easement agreements with the neighbours and the right of way to your land.