When planning and organizing event, the comfort of your guests is as important as their enjoyment and recreation in the event. One of the most important facilities you should never forget in an event venue is a public toilet for the guests.

Having access to a clean toilet helps in keeping your guests comfortable especially when the event will take long hours. If the venue doesn’t have toilets available, you could hire a portable toilet instead to meet the hygiene needs of the guests. If you’re planning to hire portable toilets for your event, here are the basic things that needs to be considered. 


The accessibility of the toilets is one of the top factors that should be considered in portable toilets. Be sure to place the toilets in a location that is easily noticeable or accessible for the guests. You could place some signage or create a pathway to guide the guests to where the restrooms are. Aside from that, see to it that the toilets are located at a distance from where the event is held for more privacy and hygiene factors.

Number of Units

Simply placing portable toilets around the venue is not enough. You need to put in the right number of units depending on how many guests you’ll be expecting to attend the event. That way, you can be sure that everyone can use the toilet immediately when they need to without waiting in line for a long time. Rental facilities would suggest the number of units depending on your guest count. The number of units are also affected if you’re planning to serve drinks and food or if you’re hosting an event in a wider venue.

Unit Type

There are different types of portable toilets to choose from. If you’re searching what is the best portable toilet hire service in Melbourne?, it would be rental companies that offer a wide variety of options in unit types. With this, you can be sure that you could cater to all guests with different needs. For instance, if you’re expecting guests with kids, include units that are kid sized as well. Handicapped-accessible units are important if you’re expecting guests from that kind of population.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Since the portable toilets will be used by a lot of people, it needs more cleaning and maintenance all throughout the event. You could hire staff who would clean the toilets regularly. On the other hand, some rental companies include maintenance and cleaning in their bundle so be sure to inquire first to know their full services.

Delivery, Setup, and Clean-up

You should look for these 3 factors when choosing a rental company. Reputable ones normally offer these services when you hire portable toilets form them. They will deliver the units to the venue, assemble and setup everything, and do the clean-up and disassembling after the event. Everything is well taken care of when you’re in the hands of a good rental company.

When deciding to hire portable toilets, be sure that it has all those 5 essential factors that need to be considered.